2019    Replacement Dwelling, Ely

Location: Ely

Client: Private

Status: Planning

Our client was fortunate enough to purchase a fantastic site in Ely's Conservation Area, with views to the Cathedral. The existing dwelling on the site is a tired Victorian detached dwelling which has had numerous additions over time. The site is a corner plot and highly visible, as as such our scheme has had to address not only the building lines of both streets, but also the far-reaching views to the house from all directions.

Subject to historical poor-quality extensions and a subsequent planning approval for a second dwelling squeezed onto the plot, our scheme seeks to replace the existing dwelling with a new L shaped home which effectively ‘turns the corner’, allowing the building to address the neighbouring properties and views from all angles.

Formed of two connected two storey volumes, the ‘gap’ between along with the single storey flat roofed link prevents overshadowing to the existing dwelling to the north and creates an interesting split plan. The house takes influence from the materials of the Conservation Area, as well as Dutch architectural styling.

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