‘Sustainability’ is a buzz word which is commonly used when discussing the design of buildings.

Often it is mistakenly thought to simply refer to ‘green’ add-ons, solar panels and air source heat pumps; things which many people see as nice-to-have but which may get forfeited if the budget is tight.


For us, sustainability is at the heart of the design process, and is perhaps better referred to as ecological design. We believe that we have a responsibility to make sure that every building we design has as little environmental impact as possible, and this means considering an integrating it into every part of the design and specification.


From positioning buildings on site to make the most of the sun, to ensuring that our building envelopes are highly insulated to reduce heat loss, to specifying materials with a low carbon footprint… We are passionate about the environment, conservation of our natural resources and delivering environmentally responsible buildings, as well as ensuring our clients achieve high levels of thermal comfort and low running costs.


One of the highest benchmarks for low energy buildings is the Passivhaus standard, a high quality, high thermal comfort design target which focuses on super-insulation and air-tightness, alongside the use of a mechanical ventilation system to ensure excellent air quality.


We are certified Passivhaus Designers and are keen to encourage our clients to adopt a fabric first approach, as well as implementing passive and active design strategies to minimise the embodied and operational energy.

Stairs leading into a kitchen

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