At Liv Architects, we understand that undertaking a construction project, whether a small extension or a large scale development, can be a complex and often daunting experience, particularly for first time clients. 

This page of our website therefore includes some short videos, designed to help you navigate some of the more common questions which arise during a construction project. This page will be regularly updated with new videos, and if there is a topic which you would like us to cover in a future video, please do get in touch via our Contact page.


Choosing Your Designer

This video provides information on the different kinds of designer who can undertake the architectural design services on your project, helping you choose the type of designer you need.


Project Stages

In this video we provide a snapshot of the standard stages of a Construction project, in line with the RIBA Plan of Works.


Budgets and Costs

This video provides some background on the various costs to be considered when budgeting for a construction project, including fees and VAT.


Service Levels

In this video we run through the different levels of service you can procure for your project, and what will and will not be included at each stage within each service level.

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