Reference: 1903

Project: New Family House

Location: Long Four Acres, South Norfolk

Client: Private

Status: Planning

This house is proposed to be constructed on Plot 13 identified as part of the Custom/ Self build site known as Long Four Acres in South Norfolk.


The plot is located on the northern half of the site, and with the build zone being positioned close to the site frontage to the south, the challenge with this brief was to maximise the light into the house, and ensure that the main living spaces were bright and welcoming, with good access to the sunniest parts of the garden. The resulting house is positioned on the site so as to enable a sunny 'evening' garden in the south west side of the site, while still allowing for a family garden to the rear. By forming the upper floor from two mirrored volumes with ridgelines running north to south, we have minimised the overshadowing of the rear garden.


The building is designed as a solid masonry 'plinth', larger in dimension than the upper floor and extending up to first floor window cill level. This creates a 1.5 height living room to the rear, with corner glazing allowing it to connect to both garden spaces.

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