1929    Flint Barn

Location: Bracon Ash

Client: Private

Status: Construction

This scheme is for a new build four bedroom dwelling on one of 15 self-build plots in Bracon Ash, South Norfolk. This dwelling has been designed around how our client wanted to live, with specific thought given to the movement of the sun throughout the day. The house is designed as fully accessible, and is predominantly single storey, with limited accommodation at first floor level accessed by a lift. 

The rural nature of the site has driven the form of the dwelling, with a 'ribbon' wall in flint wrapping around the public facing parking and entry sequence spaces reminiscent of a farmyard grouping. The building itself takes the form of three volumes; two single storey 'barn' like structures, and a two storey central mass, connected with glazed links. Solar shading has been carefully modeled, with slatted screens and pergolas providing shading.

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