Reference: 1844

Project: Ashleigh

Location: Ashwicken, West Norfolk

Client: Private

Status: Planning

This project is to extend and reconfigure a small bungaow on a generous plot in Ashwicken, West Norfolk.


The existing bungalow is tired, and small relative to its plot, sitting back from the road screened by mature trees. Following several planning refusals for larger replacement dwellings, the client was keen to create a generous home with a scandinavian feel, taking influence from the semi-woodland setting while ensuring that the street elevation remained in keeping with the scale of the surrounding bungalows. The property is situated on a hill, and the resulting design has therefore arisen from a need to ensure that the building does not appear overbearing to it's neighbours further down the hill to the south.


The extensions comprise a new roof structure to the existing bungalow, allowing for rooms-in-the-roof, with a two storey flat roofed extension on the rear. A secondary volume, separated from the existing by a glass link and clad in cedar shingles houses a generous kitchen dining space. This secondary volume forms an L shape which encloses the outdoor seating space, with extensive views to the south and weat.

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